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Volantino FlyDonna 2018FLYDONNA, now in its eighth edition, is one of the most eagerly awaited women's aeronautical meeting and most involving in the international scene; it is a moment of aggregation and unique comparison with a large participation of women who practice the most diverse aeronautical specialties, from military to line flight, from ultralights to gliders and balloons.  
FLYDONNA wants to give space and voice to the many stories that every woman represents, stories that sometimes also mean sacrifice and effort, obstacles and difficulties overcome daily, stories of those who, with great tenacity, have realized a dream, the one of flight, but also stories who chose  flight as a work for their life.
The meeting is open to all the women who fly, for passion or for work, but also to those who work in the world of flight and who, in very different ways, share the same passion for the sky and for the air.
Mindful of the beautiful experience and enthusiasm that accompanied the two days of the past years’ event, even more numerous pilot women, together with those who work in the field of aeronautics, this year wish not to miss the 8th edition of FLYDONNA that will be held outside the usual area of ​​the north-east, near Venice, where it was held in all previous years.
The 8th FLYDONNA meeting will take place in a special location: Adele Orsi Aeroclub of Calcinate del Pesce (Va). The decision to move to the north-west was dictated on one hand to give the opportunity to all the fans and drivers to participate in the event without having to travel long distances, but on the other handalso and above all to give voice to other realities, such as that magnificent one of  Calcinate del Pesce where the love for the flight perfectly matches with the enthusiasm that animates the organization of the event.
At the moment the presence of over 3-400 participants is estimated. There will be time to meet and get to know each other, to chat, to discuss and share different, or similar, experiences.   
Registration for the event must be made by September 8th, 2018 and the cost of € 50 includes dinner on the 15th and a dedicated polo shirt. You can also buy a quick lunch with sandwiches for Sunday 16th for a total cost of € 65.
For those who will participate in the event only on Sunday, there is an option that includes registration, polo and quick lunch for 30 €.
It is COMPULSORY to send the registration by filling out the appropriate registration form.
There is no landing fee.  
All the indications for those arriving by land or by air, are provided on the page "Getting here" of this site.
Not far from Calcinate del Pesce airport, it is possible to find different facilities where to stay during FLYDONNA 2018. Some of these facilities offer special rates thanks to an agreement with the Aero Club Adele Orsi. The list of affiliated facilities is available in this document.
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An initiative organized by Aeroclub Adele Orsi, Amateur sports association - Lungolago di Calcinate 45 - 21100 VA
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