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The Aeroclub Adele Orsi is an non professional and non profit sport association, located in Calcinate del Pesce, on the shore of the Varese lake.
To reach the airport by car you have to leave the A8 highway Milano-Varese at the exit Buguggiate-Lago di Varese and drive straight ahead for about 6 km, following aeroporto Volo a Vela” road signs.
If you need to reach the club by a scheduled flight, the best solution is the Milan Malpensa airport, which is about 30 km away from Calcinate del Pesce. The nearby Swiss airport of Lugano also allows easy access to the Aero Club.
You can also reach the Aero Club Adele Orsi by train: the Varese railway stations of Ferrovie dello Stato and Ferrovie Nord are just 6 km from the Calcinate del Pesce airport. We  remind you that it is now possible to reach Varese by train also from Switzerland, thanks to the new Bellinzona-Lugano-Mendrisio-Varese direct railway line. 
By car
In flight
Airfield coordinates: 
N 45°48’33” / E 008°46’06”
Radio frequency: 128.450 MHz
Altitude: 243m – 797ft
Runway: 600x50m
QFU: 10 – 28
Landing circuit:
N.B.: landing will ONLY be allowed to  airplanes equipped with radio.
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An initiative organized by Aeroclub Adele Orsi, Amateur sports association - Lungolago di Calcinate 45 - 21100 VA
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