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Women with Wings
We propose to you, for those who missed it or simply for those who want to see it again, the whole round table "Women with Wings: living your passion" that was held during FLYDONNA 2018.

FLYDONNA news report
September 24th, 2018
The FAI sponsored the event and was represented by Susanne Scoedel who, unable to intervene,  sent a recording of her greeting and by the Executive Director Alvaro de Orleans Borbon, who suggested the creation of "a permanent work group to promote participation of the women in air sports"After the event...
The great success of FLYDONNA also hit FAI, whose Executive Director, Alvaro de Orleans Borbon, was present at the event.
An extensive report of the event was published on the Federation website...
Margot & Donatella
They were two really "pink" days, we managed to have a beautiful event in a unique and special environment.
The organization was perfect, well coordinated and above all, everyone could perceive a calm and cheerful atmosphere, like a real party!
We really shared all together that passion...
Margot & Donatella
FLYDONNA in the News of Rete55. Here is the TV service devoted to the event...

FLYDONNA group photo
The eighth edition of FLYDONNA ended one day ago, and we already miss it...
Here are some photos of the event, for those who were there and for those who could not participate! Meanwhile, the FLYDONNA team is already thinking about the next edition!...

Donatella Ricci
FLYDONNA 2018 ended yesterday and was a great success. Also a national channel was interested in the gathering: here the service aired on the news of 8pm on Sunday 16th...

Carolina Dellonte was born in Bologna and has been working in the aeronautics sector since 1995. She has been  a civil pilot in executive aviation for ten years.
Ten years spent shooting in the sky, following a deep passion for flying, for spaces without limits, for horizons that are wider when viewed from great heights.
An experience that led her to write the book "My heart with zero gravity"...

Great success for the military presence in FLYDONNA! All the Armed Forces and Police Forces have confirmed their presence with a representative at the eighth edition of Flydonna!
They will therefore be present...

Lieutenant Eleonora Macaluso
September 13th, 2018
Lieutenant Eleonora Macaluso
Daughter of a flight instructor of the 70th Stormo of Latina, she experimented the flight for the first time in 2009; enchanted by the lived experience, she decided to try the competition to become a military pilot.
In 2010 she graduated from classical school and, after passing the required tests, she enrolled in 2011 in the Guardia di Finanza, as a helicopter pilot...

Lieutenant Carmela Carbonara
September 12th, 2018
In 2004, after achieving her scientific diploma, she was admitted to the Normal Navy Chief of Staff Course at the National Academy in Livorno, which she successfully completed  in July 2009.
She then attended the flight  course at the United States Navy  School...

Approximately 2500 flying hours. First woman qualified flight instructor in Italy (military) in April 2011.Currently Carla Angelucci is the only airplane, helicopter and glider woman instructor. She joined the Aeronautical Academy on 27th August 2002 with the Centauro V Course and in 2004...

I’m just a crazy girl that likes extreme sports. I started with skydiving; then one of my instructors who was doing paragliding asked me to try it, and I fell in love with the sport.
My first paragliding experience was in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. I started my training there, and my first solo was there. Then I branched out to fly in Jugra and other places.
This was a year and a half ago, but I became very active after a few months because I was in this paragliding community, and I followed my instructor and a few friends...

She comes from the city of Romeo and Juliet, and although she is called as the romantic protagonist of Shakespeare's drama, the 32 year-old Giulia Grigoletti is one of the three women pilot of fire-fighting aircraft CL-415, better known as Canadair, the amber-colored biturbine with bright colors that draws water from the sea and lakes to launch it on wood fires.

If you have not yet registered for FLYDONNA 2018 you have time to do it until September 8th!
The organization of FLYDONNA has in fact decided to postpone the deadline for registering for the event for a few weeks...

When I started flying (1951) with my father on a small tourist plane, I had no special plans for the future. During the early years I flew for sports competing in Italy and other European countries, often in a pair with Graziella Sartori.
I was also lucky to become the co-pilot of a friend of my father...

For the second time Qui Conviene decided to support FLYDONNA.
The company has always been by women, mothers and families side, to provide all products at a very cheap price...
Floriana, already present at the 2016 edition, is a fixed-wing pilot in the Ciampino flight department and substitute chief fire-fighting director at Ciampino Airport.
After scientific studies she got the commercial pilot license and shortly after that also  as an airline  pilot...

Let’s know better one of our Sponsors: the MAGNI GYRO of Besnate, the Italian company par excellence that for 50 years has produced a range of worldwide known autogiros for their safety, reliability, stability and high quality standards.
Born in 1938 in the province of Milan, Vittorio Magni started working at the G. Agusta S.p.A. in 1956...
Ilaria Zamarian, first woman pilot of the Italian Coast Guard, was born and grown up in Friuli Venezia Giulia, more precisely in Aprilia Marittima, close to Lignano Sabbiadoro. Since she was a child, as many of her peers, she dreamed of flying. The great determination and the indissoluble strength of mind led her to crown her dream...

We remind you the appointment Flydonna 2018: you are all invited!
On September 15 and 16 in Calcinate del Pesce (Varese): a beautiful place you will be able to reach both by road and by air.
The website has been updated with all the info...

I am Claudia Breidbach am 47 years and live in Koblenz, Germany. I was born without my left arm but this has never stopped me in perusing my dreams. Since 2011 I am using an multiarticulate-myoelectric prosthesis who allows me to live me life with two hands...

Caterina Manzini approaches the acrobatic flight in Ravenna in 2014 immediately after the PPL license, with the great desire to learn the secrets of this discipline. Since the following year her pink Cap10 goes along with her...

The FAI General Secretary Susanne Schoedel, gliding world champion and record-woman, will honour us with her presence by participating at the round table "Women with wings: living your passion"...

The WeFly! Team is the only air patrol in the world where two of the three pilots are "disabled" and is a flagship of  the Italian civil aviation.
# 1 Alessandro Paleri, leader, with over 2,800 hours / flight, tetraplegic since 1987 and # 3 Marco Cherubini, left wingman, with about...
Pier Luigi Matera
Fly Donna 2018 event will take place in Varese in less than two months!
We are really happy to inform you that the Special Commissioner of our NAC, prof. Pier Luigi Matera, will be present at the Fly Donna days!
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