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August 7th, 2018

MAGNI GYRO: the story of a life, of passion and love for flight

magni gyro
Let’s know better one of our Sponsors: the MAGNI GYRO of Besnate, the Italian company par excellence that for 50 years has produced a range of worldwide known autogiros for their safety, reliability, stability and high quality standards.
Born in 1938 in the province of Milan, Vittorio Magni started working at the G. Agusta S.p.A. in 1956, operating in the sectors of transmissions, engines, cells as well as in flight and "Experimental".
In 1963 he became a specialist in the Montecatini helicopter division, gaining experience in the field of agricultural treatments and aerial disinfestation using helicopters.
In 1964 he set up Elitaliana, together with a pilot coming from the same company. The company was specialized in aerial work and was very active in the field of agricultural treatments.
In 1967, Vittorio Magni bought the Bensen autogiro construction plans in the United States. It will be one of the first flying autogiro in Italy. Since then on, he develops and manufactures a long series of mono and two-seater prototypes, increasingly refined.
In 1968 , thanks to his experience, he was asked advices by Silvercraft S.p.A. new aeronautics company projecting to build the "SH4" light helicopter.
At Silvercraft he held  the position of chief flight line and obtained the helicopter pilot license. In 1986 he established the VPM S.n.c. with a department specialized in the processing of composites, to produce parts designed to meet the ever increasing demand of various aeronautical companies (Agusta S.p.A., Aerea S.p.A., etc.)
l primo importante successo commerciale giunge nel 1987, quando la VPM stipula un contratto con la spagnola Cenemesa alla quale conferisce la licenza di costruzione di due autogiri: l'MT-5 monoposto e l'MT-7 biposto, entrambi motorizzati Arrow.
The first major commercial success came in 1987, when the VPM signed a contract with the Spanish Cenemesa to which it conferred the license to build two autogyros: the MT-5 single-seater and the MT-7 two-seater, both motorized Arrow.
In the year 1996 the VPM becomes MAGNI GYRO. The new company policy, more and more aimed at perfecting the already tested models and  designing   new prototypes, it thus contained all the conditions for an excellent development.
In 2016, Magni Gyro produced autogiro number 1.000, a Magni Gyro M16 Tandem Trainer. It is a goal that the company has celebrated with great pride and satisfaction. It is a stage reached but already overcome, in flight towards future goals.
In  November 2015 a World Record is joined with a standard M16 by Donatella Ricci in the Treviso / Venice area. Higher than everyone: 8,399 meters above the sky.
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