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September 9th, 2018

Captain Carla Angelucci, first woman qualified military flight instructor in Italy

Approximately 2500 flying hours 
First woman qualified flight instructor in Italy (military) in April 2011
Currently Carla Angelucci is the only airplane, helicopter and glider woman instructor. She joined the Aeronautical Academy on 27th August 2002 with the Centauro V Course and in 2004 she was appointed as chief for the Drago V.
She achieved the Airplane Pilot Licence on SF-260 and the subsequent aerobatic, instrumental and training flight qualifications.
She achieved the Military Pilot Licence on MB-339A  and instrumental flight qualification.
She achieved helicopter abilities.
She achieved Parachuting Licence.
She attended the survival instructor course at sea (first woman to achieve this qualification).
She attended  a Public Information Official course and an upgrade to Military Information specialist.
Survival Course Escape.  Escape and Interrogation Resistance (one of the first two qualified women).
Actual instructor of air navigation, flight instruments, aerodynamics, at 72° Stormo in Frosinone, il RACSA in Pratica di Mare, 60° Stormo in Guidonia.
Search and Rescue course. Joint Combat Serch and Rescue course.
Degree in Aeronautical Sciences.
Postgraduate Degree in Communication Sciences.
Achievement of the first level Master in Didactic Models and Technological Innovations for Teaching.
Achievement of the II level Master in Leadership and strategic analysis.
Silver Cross for long  service.
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