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September 18th, 2018

FLYDONNA close its curtains, here we are to sum up and look back

Margot Acquaderni e Donatella Ricci
They were two really "pink" days, we managed to have a beautiful event in a unique and special environment.
The organization was perfect, well coordinated and above all, everyone could perceive a calm and cheerful atmosphere , like a real party!
We really shared all together that passion that is the engine of our life and the very essence of the meeting.
Teaming up, getting to know each other, meeting new women and their stories, here is the synthesis and the real reason for this event and it's what happened during these two days.
We want to  thank everyone,  starting  from  the Institutions, especially the Region and the Chamber of Commerce Sport Commission, which always support the events of this Aeroclub and that even this time have sponsored our meeting .
Thanks then to our sponsors and to the many who believed in this event, without whom we would not have been able to make the party as it was!
Special thanks to the extraordinary commissioner of the Italian Aeroclub Pierluigi Matera, to the General Director Giuseppe D'Accolti and to the presidents of many aeroclubs who wanted to take part in the party.
Thanks to the FAI, in particular to the Secretary General Susanne Schödel who supported the event by twining it to a wider program in FAI, the one related to "Women with Wings".
Thanks also to Alvaro de Orleans Borbon, member of the Executive Board of the FAI who has been assigned the theme "Women in Fai", for not missing  the round table, proposing his questions and finally thanks to Faustine Carrera, Head of Communication of FAI for being present at the event.
Thanks to the participants, to those who came up close and to those from afar, to those who succeeded in flight and to those who did not want to miss it, by car.
Thanks to the many photographers who are giving us lots of exciting memories.
Thanks to the participants of the round table, the very good chairman who managed to hit the topic and set off an extremely interesting debate.
Margot e Donatella firmano la Porsche FLYDONNA
Thanks to the representatives of the Italian Air Force, the Navy and the Army Aviation as well as the Police, the Guardia di Finanza, the Fire Brigade and the Canadair for their participation but also for the sympathy and spirit with which they shared their passion.
Special thanks to the skydivers of Cremona and Bologna. In the simplicity and beauty of their launch lies all the emotion and spirit of this event. Grouping and launching into life following the passion you have inside, stronger than fear and unknown.
Thanks to the director of the event Erich Kustatscher and the director of the flight operations Alberto Albertazzi thank to whom we could enjoy simple but exciting performances and many take-offs and landings in complete safety.
Thanks to the WeFly patrol! for the two beautiful performances but also for the example of life and passion that are able to transmit every time.
Thanks to Sergio Dallan, Pietro Filippini and Silvia Ciampelli, for the emotions they always give us with their performances.
Last but not least , thanks to the many, many members and collaborators of the aeroclub and the Centro Studi Volo a Vela Alpino, who worked in the two days so that everything worked as it was imagined! To name them all would be  impossible but without their presence we would not have had the success we reached.
Finally a more general consideration. Flydonna is just an event, an instant and a small parenthesis of our life, but if everyone had managed to bring home the emotions and the spirit of these two days, then we could think we have achieved something really special,  reaching  an important result.
And we like to think it was like that!
"Be the change you would like to see in the world"
Margot & Donatella
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An initiative organized by Aeroclub Adele Orsi, Amateur sports association - Lungolago di Calcinate 45 - 21100 VA
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